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Saturday, May 13, 2006 

Beer Review: Unibroue Trois Pistoles

Say what you will about those French Canadians, they brew a mean beverage. Unibroue's beers are easily identifiable on the shelf because of their cool artwork. The Trois Pistoles label looks like this...It may look like beer for Dungeons & Dragons fans, but it'll really kick your ass. Trois Pistoles is a dark ale, refermented in the bottle to deliver a body-warming 9% ABV. Have a full stomach before delving into a few of these. It looks sort of purplish-black. It looks like a wine, and it smells like a wine. The aroma is dominated by grape and prune scents. You taste the high ABV up front, but it is joined by a blend of flavors. You can taste the grape flavors that you smelled, as well as plum, cherry, and spice flavors. It tastes like half of a fruit stand exploded in your mouth. The surprising part is that I never felt that it was overpowering in any regard. Everything blends so well that it is incredibly drinkable. This beer will age on the shelf for up to 8 years. Good luck keeping one around that long.

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