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Saturday, May 13, 2006 

Beer Review: Flying Dog Tire Bite

Tonight's first victim is a Flying Dog Tire Bite. This is a golden ale from the very unique Denver micro-brewery. As usual, the bottle has a cool Ralph Steadman drawing on it. It will find a home in my bottle collection (yes, I have one). Tire Bite has almost no head. The little foam that it did produce dissipated in about a minute. The aroma is light with a little malt and a slight hop to it. It is a translucent gold, similar to other pilsners. The flavor is fairly grainy with light maltiness. The Tire Bite is very light, surprisingly light in fact. The finish has a bitter bite, which is it's only really distinctive characteristic. Unfortunately, the force of the bite weakens as you drink the beer. It coats your throat and blunts the effect. I'm going to skip this one next time. It was very underwhelming.

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