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Saturday, May 13, 2006 

Mr. Popular

Hugh Hewitt thinks that Mike Luttig's phone is ringing off the hook, thanks to all of the calls from 2008 Republican presidential hopefuls. He specifically thinks that Senator McCain should be extending an olive branch to Luttig, hopefully bringing him onboard as a senior advisor. Hewitt thinks that this "would overnight ease conservative concerns about the senator's judicial philosophy."

Well, I'm not Johnny Conservative, but that would do nothing to ease my concerns about McCain's view of judges. It would look simply like a calculated political move. It would be nothing more than an extended photo-op by McCain, trying to distract us from his Gang of 14, BCRA-is-okay judicial views.

I think I have McCain pegged on his judicial views. I know Senator Allen's views, think they are solid, but find Allen as exciting as instant oatmeal. I think Senator Frist would be solid on judges, but I have been totally underwhelmed at his abilities as Majority Leader and as a confirmer of judicial nominees. Romney, Guiliani, Rice, and the rest are all question marks to me on the issue. Hell, maybe Luttig should run for president.

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