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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

The Tire Slashers

As I mentioned to yesterday, I am very pleased that Judge Michael Brennan threw out the plea agreement that the DA's office gave to four of the election tire slashers. Of course, this doesn't really amount to much, considering that they will be out for work release most of the day. Basically, they have to sleep downtown. Still, Judge Brennan showed a lot of guts by doing the right thing, especially considering the social unrest and anger with the courts around here lately.

The Pratts, classy as ever, decided to whine about the decision. From the Journal-Sentinel article...
"Isn't it funny - in the city of Milwaukee, you can beat a man half to death and get exonerated, and here you've got four men who committed a property crime"...
That quote goes on (the audio is here). "...at worst, and they get time in jail." So at worst, this is a property crime (cause those aren't serious at all...)? I think at worst, this is a civil rights violation and interfering with an election. It's nice of our former mayor to make that totally inapt comparison to the Jude case too. What's the line of reasoning here? The Jude trial came out poorly, therefore no one can ever be convicted of a crime again in Milwaukee? I'm not fan of Tom Barrett, but I'd rather have him as mayor instead of this clown.

Please do listen to that audio link, because you get to hear Mrs. Pratt out doing her old man as far as classless, disgusting comments go. "The judge had on his robe. He should've had on his hood." I wonder if anyone other than talk radio and the blogs are going to highlight that wonderful comment.

Spivak and Bice seem to think that this was in part a political move by Brennan to get Republican voters behind him. Judge Brennan has been considering a run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. With Justice Wilcox retiring, Republicans will be eager to get another conservative judge elected to replace him. I think this is an unfair insinuation. Based on Judge Brennan's time on the bench, this decision seems very much in line with who he is as a judge. He's tough but fair, a real no-nonsense guy. I hope he does run for the WISC.

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