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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Beer Review: Bell's Amber Ale

This beer is one of my favorite microbrews to get while out at a good bar. The Amber Ale has a great coppery, brown color. It looks a lot like a Newcastle Brown Ale. It has a nice malty aroma that has a traditional "beer" smell. Unlike most macrobrews and many basic micros, you know that this beer has some character and some kick to it just from the aroma. The flavor is fairly malty. There is a blend of fairly traditional Munich malts and caramel malts that make the flavor of this beer exceptionally good. It has a rich, heavy mouth flavor, but manages to keep a certain sweetness because of the American hops. Bell's is an excellent Michigan microbrewery. They have a ton of varieties available throughout the year that you should try. The Amber Ale is similar to a British or Irish ale. It's filling and packs enough of a punch to make you notice it.

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