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Sunday, April 09, 2006 

Another Book Recommendation

Professor Bainbridge recently had a post with his own book recommendations related to his chosen field: corporate law.
Several of my corporate law students have asked for recommendations of books dealing with big corporate law litigation or deals. The idea is to put into context some of what we've been learning in class.
One of the problems that I have with law school is that there isn't enough of this context material. I don't blame the professors, though. They have a limited amount of time to teach us a huge amount of information. Taking a class period or two to do something as simple as a case study is a risk. The professor may be giving the class an excellent, real world example, but he or she also loses a class period where another substantive area could be covered.

I have only read one of the books that Professor Bainbridge recommends: DisneyWar. It is a great introduction to how a corporation works, the role of a board of directors, the roles of officers, and the roles of shareholders. It's a big book (over 600 pages) but it reads exceptionally fast. It also takes a somewhat dry topic like corporate law and frame it as a dramatic story. Once this semester is over, I plan on re-reading it. After taking Business Associations, I should be in a position to appreciate the corporate law aspects even more.

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