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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 

Alito Update

It's 1:40 PM and Alito is up to 44 votes in the Senate. It's all over but Ralph Neas' crying.

EDIT: Watching Barbara Mikulski make a speech is physically painful for me. I can't wait to find a transcript of this rambling mess.

EDIT 2: Hillary Clinton just called Mikulski's remarks "eloquent" and "quick witted". If you want proof that Hillary is a liar, there you go. And Hillary is a "no" vote too.

EDIT 3: Hillary's also lying about why the Right was upset about the Miers nomination. She's on a roll.

EDIT 4: Kerry's up. If this guy had gotten elected, he could've been the one to replace Rehnquist and O'Connor. That's a thought that'll keep me up at night. Just imagine Justices Stephen Reinhardt and Kathleen Sullivan as the newest members of the Breyer Court. I'd probably have to quit law school and become a fisherman in Southeast Asia.

EDIT 5: Kerry says Bush could've nominated someone who would've got 100 votes. I want a name.

EDIT 6: Kerry's talking about Ann Coulter! Coulter's going to love this. Hey, wait a minute... graduate of University of Michigan Law School... member of the Order of the Coif... law review editor... Senate staffer to a Judiciary Committee member... Federalist Society member... Ann Coulter for the next Supreme Court vacancy!

First: Merely being a UofM Law affiliate does not necessarily equate to being admirable or sensible. If it did, Catharine MacKinnon would be worthy of your adulation. But I have the feeling that this may not be the case, no?

Second: Surely you're not talking about this Kathleen Sullivan? Take a look at her CV. If you're going to take cheap shots, then do so on the same basis as you praise Judge Alito: argue qualifications; analyze written work; identify specific points of disagreement. Taking a swipe at someone just because that person doesn't share your political views seems a bit petty. I don't know Prof. Sullivan too well, but I have attended a number of her lectures and symposia in which she has been a panelist -- and she appears to me to be very bright, thoughtful, and thoroughly knowledgeable (particularly in ConLaw, which is her primary area of expertise).

Uh, I joke about things sometimes on here. I don't seriously mean that Coulter should be on the Supreme Court. Should I start italicizing everything that's meant to be humorous?

Why is expressing my opinion about Kathleen Sullivan a cheap shot? I would prefer that she not be on the Court. I can't have that opinion? She's an academic and a private lawyer. I want people on the Court with established judicial records. Even people that I tend to like (Paul Clement, Viet Dinh) should be appointed to a lower appeals court before they get considered for the Court. Being a judge is a totally different situation. You aren't arguing a side. You aren't writing a law review article. You're making important judgments that have far reaching effects. I'd like to see a judicial record before I support someone for the Court.

For the record if I was a senator, I would've vote for both Ginsburg and Breyer. While I don't agree with them all the time, I've read some of their lower court opinions and they are well reasoned and fair. I would've also voted against Harriet Miers.

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