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Friday, December 09, 2005 

MU Student Government Activity on Dental-gate

The boys at GOP3 took the time to live blog a MU Student Government meeting concerning the current state of fear on campus regarding free expression. I don't really care much about the student government, because I don't think they mean much. I've never put much stock in the power of student governments. They are a lot like the steering wheels on child car seats. "Look, I'm driving the car with daddy!" Yeah, not so much. Daddy (and the administration) have the real control.

I did find the wording of Resolution 1 and some of the other comments interesting. First, Res 1...
"Whereas: It is recognized that Marquette University, in accordance with its Jesuit values and ideals and in compliance with its Policies and procedures, reserves the right to monitor and censor expression both on and off Marquette's campus"
Followed by...
SENATOR BANKS: Talked with Dean McCarthy. Their view is that when you commit yourself to MU student, you sign onto a contract with a policy and student conduct code, and that they have the right to censor student expression whenever they want since when we are on campus we are theirs and when we a’re off-campus we are a representative of the University. Still, just because they can censor us doesn't mean they should. Brock points out the negative effects that can occur when the University does exercise their right. MUSG wants the University to be prudent in its decisions to curb student expression, given our goal to make the University an open forum for the free exchange of ideas.
You've got to be kidding me. I'd be laughing at this statement if its ramifications weren't so unfunny. When I'm on campus, I am not "yours." I can forward the pertinent language in the Thirteenth Amendment if you're unclear on that. But seriously, that is just a heavy handed, tyrannical point of view. Suddenly, I don't feel very welcome at Marquette. In fact, I feel very unwelcome and uncomfortable.

I don't think that novel little idea has any basis in law. Regardless of the fact that Marquette is a private institution, I have my doubts that their tendrils of influence reach ALL of my activities. Will Marquette have agents waiting for me in Las Vegas, cataloging all of my immoral activities? Will they have people undercover on Milwaukee St, Water St, and Old World Third, gathering evidence of un-Marquette activities? Maybe it's time to call David Horowitz. He's always itching to start trouble. And by start trouble, I mean defend the basic rights of students on campuses.

I know what Marquette's argument is going to be. They have an interest in the public image put forth by their students. They cannot allow renegade students tarnishing the name and reputation of the school. Those acts cause significant harm to Marquette as an institution, since schools recruit and maintain donation levels based on their good name. It's a solid argument. And you know what? It works both ways. I am holding the school and its administration to the same standards. Every time you dish out a Draconian punishment, every time you shut down a fundraiser for the troops, every time you dangle the Warrior name in our faces and then hand us the Gold, you tarnish the name of the school that will be on my degree. You degrade the prestige of my education. You make me, as a member of the Marquette community, look like a clown to the outside world. If you care so much about how Marquette-affiliated parties are behaving, why don't you start caring about how Marquette itself is behaving? The administration is doing a lot more damage to Marquette's reputation than one dental student's blog has done.

steve, you really need a good 'hook' in order to grab readers attention. This one wasn't very good, but i still read what you had to say.

Remember, if you are going to write for the Warrior, you need a good 'hook'. I'll help if you need it, i think i am pretty creative myself....

Look, I don't have the energy to conjure up "hooks" late at night when I'm exhausted. It takes all of my energy to conjure up the insightful material in the posts themselves.

Insightful? I guess that could be your 'hook.'

How about dont post when you are exhausted. That could be your 'hook' too.

ED ~ insightful posts, while I am alert!

I post when I have time, regardless of insight, coherence, or relevancy.

This is nuts. We're having the same 'freedom of speech in a private institution' issues here at Penn. The only way to beat this stuff is bad publicity, so send any updates over to us if you can!

www.libertarianconservative.com - blog
www.pennindy.com - newspaper
saf.pennfreedom.com - club

We're here to support you guys. Please let us know.

Marquette has a knack for bad publicity. I'll be sure to check out your links. I had a feeling that this was going on elsewhere too.

The best place to look for updates is the blog of Prof. John McAdams. He broke the story and is leading the fight. You can find his blog at mu-warrior.blogspot.com.

it definitely is going on at other places... the independent policy group FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) was started in here Philly after something called the water buffalo incident here at Penn. They've got student's backs over here -- but in the Middle West... there's no peer. It's hard to defend freedom from coast to coast.

The best thing we can do is defend ourselves.. so let us know if anything goes down. You can make our online complaint form available to your readers (http://saf.pennfreedom.com/online-complaint-form/) and we can forward what we can to our contacts at FIRE.

ALSO: The Pennsylvania Independent (pennindy.com) is currently fielding submissions for our January print. I'd love to have an article about the Marquette example to parallel the one we're running on the Penn incidents... send an email to editor@pennindy.com for more information. Again, if you need a forum for your opinion -- we can help!

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