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Thursday, December 22, 2005 

I Have No Idea What is Going on in the World...

...and it feels great. I had no idea that ignorance of the world around me was so wonderful. I've been really busy with work for the past few days, tallying up 39 hours in the past four days (I also work two more days, so what up, overtime?). I have barely touched a newspaper, I have only glanced at a few websites and blogs, and I lack a general understanding of any current issue, event, or happening. Something about wiretaps? The 4th Circuit and the Padilla case? Judge Posner comes out heavy in favor of intelligence gathering? Ok, I read that one. I also read Patrick McIlheran's opinion piece about my beloved Senator Feingold. One thing really jumped out at me in that piece...
The wet blanket that The New York Times threw over the triumph of the Iraqi election, this revelation the feds were spying on possible terrorists, provides a wider audience.
Isn't that odd how this story broke right when Iraq had their election? It's gotta be a coincidence. Gotta be. Really.

Once I finish the work week from hell, I'm going to spend a day or two just reading what I missed. As nice as it is to not worry about this stuff, I'd rather have some idea about what's going on. I just don't feel whole if I don't read news coverage for a few hours a day.

My non-trademarked moment of zen this week occurred yesterday afternoon when a co-worker saw my Confirm Alito sign in my yard. She asked what it meant, so I explained who Alito was and what he was nominated for. She said, "Oh, well I'll vote for him. When is it?" I gave her a crash course in Article II of the Constitution.

1. On the Alito yard sign: I still think it's funny that you think "most Americans could name at least a few judges on the supreme court." Most Americans don't know how MANY judges are on the court. I had an argument with my office mates the other day over how many judges it takes to overturn a precedent (they claimed it was 7!).

2. On the news: Lots of good stories. The Padilla case opinion is so sweet it feels like spreading gossip when I talk about it. NYT hardly threw a "wet blanket" over the election story. They instead made it a special feature for at least two days! This gives pause when one sees idiots at protests. Often times they really are just overzealous college republicans or cops undercover.

3. Expect a Nicholas A. Proite cameo on Christmas Eve. I finished finals on Wednesday, but still have to prcotor one to a bunch of ungrateful fucking undergrads noon on Friday. Per my student's complaining, I scheduled five office hours during finals week. Guess how many students came, total? One.


Okay, the challenge has been made. I am going to randomly ask people to name as many Justices as they can. I'm going to do this in any social setting that I find myself in, regardless of who I embarrass (mostly myself).

I can't read the article because I won't register for the Commie NYT. But there is no way in hell that every idiot at a protest is an undercover. That would mean that Madison is like 94% Republican. I've also talked to a few of these people. No one can be THAT good of an actor. They are really that friggin nuts.

As far as the Eve, I'll stick around as long as I can but I'd like to get home at a reasonable time. Keep in mind that I am extremely tired, and that the vodka is already chilling in the cooler. Bloody marys for some, screwdrivers for me.

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