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Monday, November 12, 2007 

Not Impressed

I spent a little time this weekend watching coverage of the presidential race (something that I've been avoiding like the plague). It made me remember this...
Rehnquist was not impressed with Bill Clinton and his wife. When told that the newly elected president was thinking of nominating Hillary as attorney general, the chief justice quipped, "They say Caligula appointed his horse counsel of Rome."
I miss Chief Justice Rehnquist.

I miss him too. I think the case so far this term that most made me think we're going to miss his voice was Danforth - I suspect that I might not agree with how he'd come out in that case, but I think he'd have written a very clear opinion in a quite difficult case.

I'm wondering if and when his papers will be released. Shortly before he was diagnosed, he was on Charlie Rose's show and said he hadn't made any decisions about releasing his papers after he retires, but the indication was that he certainly wasn't taking the sort of position that Black took.

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