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Monday, April 02, 2007 

Election Laws Gone Wild

Owen at Boots and Sabers recently had a complaint filed against him with the state elections board. His crime? A "Blogs for Ziegler" tag (a graphic that doubles as a link, for those of you non-tech people) on his site. The tag lacks a disclaimer, according to the complaint. As far as I can tell, the regs don't cover this exact issue. As one of the comments points out, this situation may be similar to the exemptions for pins, buttons, pens, and other small items. Owen wasn't paid to put the button on his site, so he's probably in the clear anyway (as pointed out in another comment).

The whole situation just seems foolish. The continuing regulation of political speech in the name of "clean elections" and "campaign finance reform" lends itself to these goofy, partisan attacks.

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