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Friday, November 17, 2006 

Giuliani on Judges

Over at the Federalist Society blog, I posted an excerpt of Senator McCain's speech at the FedSoc conference. As a registered voter, I'm concerned with how all of the 2008 presidential candidates feel about the judiciary. That issue always weighs heavily on my voting decisions. This post at Red State has some interesting statements from Rudy Giuliani about judges...
While in Ohio, Rudy called into the Bill Cunningham radio show. Speaking about the Supreme Court, Rudy said: "Justices Roberts and Alito were both colleagues of mine [in the Reagan Justice Department] - people I worked with and I admire tremendously. I thought that they were inspired choices that the President made - inspired in many ways, because they also were people who had a strong conservative background and strict constructionists." He added, "Justice Scalia was also a colleague of mine...and he probably would have been my choice for Chief Justice."
Support for Roberts and Alito, and Scalia for Chief... yes, that will do nicely.

I agree as far as judges go, but, yes, there's always a "but", I disagree with him on Guns and a few other important items.

There's always a but. That's the nature of politics. It's impossible to agree entirely with a candidate on all issues. I don't like his gun control stance either. I do think that Rudy has a good chance at winning a national election though (especially with the right VP). And he's right on the judges issue. The mark left by judges can last for a long, long time. It's an incredibly important issue.

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