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Friday, November 17, 2006 

Beer Review: Shiner Bock

I'm constantly reminded how much of a taste difference one can encounter with fresh beer and old beer. This review of Shiner Bock is an example of that. I first tried Shiner Bock in a bottle. I got it from a liquor store that doesn't have the greatest turnover in their stock. That was my mistake. It was conveinent for me to buy the beer there and I did. Unfortunately, the beer was skunky and stale. The experience soured me to Shiner Bock for quite a while. Recently, I gave Shiner Bock another shot. This time, I ordered it at a very busy bar that is known for its excellent beer selection. Good beer + lots of people buying the beer = fresh beer.

Shiner Bock is, shockingly, a bock. Bocks are members of the dark lager family. Traditionally, they were brewed for special occasions and holidays. Monks used to brew and drink bocks during Lent when they had to fast because of their high nutrient content. Shiner Bock has a dark, brownish-red color. The head is off-white and usually dissipates pretty fast. The aroma is fairly light. The dominant smell is roasted malts. The flavors are also dominated by the malts. However, it finishes fairly clean. As you work your way through the glass, the flavor coats your mouth little by little. By the end, you're left with a lingering malty taste. Shiner Bock is not very thick and has a surprisingly light mouthfeel. That may be my personal bias talking though. My definition of a thick beer is often very different than others. Overall, Shiner Bock is a decent bock. It's not incredibly groundbreaking or outstanding but worth a try.

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