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Sunday, November 19, 2006 


I've been writing and researching a very, very long post about a potential Supreme Court vacancy lately. I've literally spent hours on it, and I'm really starting to wonder why the hell I'm doing it. However, it has been paying off in other ways. In my online travels, I have found some interesting things, even if they are very old interesting things. Take this article for example. Ted Cruz, the current Solicitor General of Texas and possible Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals nominee, discusses a series of columns written by New York Times scribbler Bob Herbert. Herbert spent a lot of ink on the John Luttig murder. John Luttig, father of then-appeals court Judge J. Michael Luttig, was murdered by slimeball carjacker Napoleon Beazley. Cruz takes Herbert to task for the columns, which try to minimize Beazley's culpablility and play the race card like crazy. It's a good read.

Remember the name Ted Cruz. He will be going places.

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