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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

Beer Review: Sprecher Pub Ale

It's been a long time since I've done a beer review. I been busy with school, work, and about a hundred other things lately. Hopefully, I will be able to get back in the swing of things and produce these on a regular basis again. Tonight's selection is Sprecher Pub Ale. After taking their brewery tour, I've decided to give Sprecher a look. My experience with them in the past hasn't been great (but there really hasn't been much experience at all), so I'm eager to see what else they've got to offer.

The Pub Ale is an English style brown ale. Hold it up to the light and you can barely see through it. The head leaves quickly after pouring, leaving only traces at the surface. It smells lightly malty. I expected it to have a stronger aroma but am glad that it isn't overpowering. It's incredibly smooth. I was preparing myself for something thick and full of bite, but the Pub Ale is very easy to drink. The caramel and nut flavors are there, but they don't kick you in the face. They do leave a toasty flavor that coats your mouth, though. It's certainly not an amazing beer, but it's definitely one that I would have again. It's a decent representative for the style.

How does it compare to New Castle, which happens to be my fav?

I'd probably take the New Castle over this. I'm a huge New Castle fan myself.

Have you tried the New Glarus Nut Brown (I believe it is called Fat Squirrel). It's my favorite brown ale.

New Glarus Fat Squirrel was the first Beer Review that I ever did on Eminent Domain way back in July of 05. It, like most of the New Glarus brews, is excellent.

I haven't had one in a while, though. Maybe I'll grab a six pack for the weekend.

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