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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 


Although I don't intend to write anything about the current business in Lebanon, I'd like to give my endorsement to a great source of information about it. I've been following the events closely but have been very disappointed in the coverage by most of the news outlets. The analysis has been fairly lacking too. I've been getting my best information, analysis, and predictions from Stratfor. What is Stratfor? Other than the coolest thing ever, it is this...
Founded in 1996, Stratfor has revolutionized the way businesses, trade associations, government agencies, and individuals get access to timely, accurate global intelligence, analysis, and forecasting for making their most important strategic decisions. Stratfor has been cited in the mainstream media for the "uncanny accuracy" of our forecasts and our "ability to uncover the globe's best-kept secrets and predict world-changing events in ways that no one else can" (ABC News).
Known by the largest and most successful global corporations as the "shadow CIA" (Barron's), Stratfor can be your secret weapon for navigating the global business and political environment and optimizing the results of your initiatives.
They have eyes and ears everywhere. Their information has been solid in the past, and I've been very pleased with their coverage of the current situation. There are free Intelligence Reports available (after you sign up) if you aren't ready to fork over the big money to join the service.

Stratfor founder and chairman Dr. George Friedman is the author of a few books, including America's Secret War. I recommend checking it out. It is a no frills, no political partisanship view of the post-September 11th actions taken by the U.S. and others. Not that I don't love watching Anderson Cooper dodging Katyushas or anything, but I'll stick with Stratfor for now.

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