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Saturday, July 29, 2006 

Beer Review: Stone Cellar Marquette Pilsner

Tonight's beer review is not being done live like most of them. I'm transcribing the voice memo that I made in my cell phone Thursday night while out. I was at a great bar (there were 50 different beers on tap), so I was playing the menu a bit to try new stuff. My favorite beer of the night was the Stone Cellar Marquette Pilsner. This beer hails from the Stone Cellar Brewpub in Appleton, Wisconsin. It looked fairly golden in the moonlight (I was seated at a table on the patio), a shade darker than a Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss. There was a fair amount of head, and it maintained a nice ring for the duration of the beer. The aroma had a mix of hops and wheat. It was surprisingly strong. The flavor was an interesting mix of hops, malts, and wheat. The dominance of the hops surprised me. Just by appearance, I didn't expect the beer to be hoppy. Even after I smelled it, I didn't think the hops would be this dominant. As the beer made its way through my mouth, the hoppy bite gave way to a rich maltiness. The finish reminded me a lot of bread. The best part was that this up-and-down of flavor kept the beer interesting to drink. While it had complex flavors, it was still fairly light. I will definitely be ordering this again.

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