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Wednesday, July 26, 2006 

Beer Review: New Glarus Totally Naked

It's a beautiful Summer night here in Milwaukee, and I'm enjoying it with a cold beer on the porch. Tonight's selection is another variety from the good people at New Glarus. It has a pale yellow color that is very translucent. I'd say that it is almost transparent. There is a fair amount of head for a beer of this variety. The aroma is dominated by malts that smell a lot like bread. The flavor is also dominated by the malts. The beer finishes fairly dry with a small bit of hops detectable at the end. I keep thinking of bread when I drink this. It's got a fairly light body, so it's very drinkable. I'm not overly impressed by it, but I do recognize what New Glarus was trying to do with this beer. They made a very basic, crisp light beer that would appeal to a wide audience for Summer drinking. It doesn't have the complex flavors of their Staghorn Oktoberfest or their Tail Wagger Barley Wine. I think it's similar to the Yokel in many ways, but I think I prefer the Totally Naked to the Yokel. I would drink it again, but I'd choose something that wasn't so light instead of this.

I think that the beauty of Totally Naked is the simplicity of the beer. Usually hot summer nights don't lend themselves to microbrews. After a night at summerfest or a day of frisbee, the average twentysomething doesn't have the stomach for a beer with the viscosity of oatmeal. They turn to Miller or PBR for a light beer that gives you the impression that you're drinking a hydrating liquid, rather than taking a sedative.

And here is where Totally Naked arrives at the party. The microbrew alternative to those summer cravings for a beer which doesn't demand attention or maintenance. It's not there to be the center of the party; Totally Naked is just a cool breeze on a summer night.

When did New Glarus put you on the payroll? Just kidding.

I totally agree. I am a firm believer that every beer should be judged by comparison to its peer beers. Totally Naked is meant to be an accessible light beer for warm weather drinking. It should be compared with Miller, Bud, PBR, the basic Leine's beers, etc. Totally Naked is an excellent beer as far as lite beer goes.

Don't confuse my personal preference for something heartier with a slight against TN. I would see myself buying it again as a party drink. Just about every guy I know will drink it, and I know a few girls who love it too. I just prefer something like Lakefront Riverwest Stein or Great Lakes Dortmunder for my evening sessions.

I neglected to mention in the post that it is a seasonal (available since May), so get it while you can if you like it.

And people drinking PBR should be driven of a cliff like the lemmings that they are.

OK Steve, I tried the Naked. It wasn't bad. I only wish they'd do a 12 pack of mixed beers, like Leinenkugels does. That way, if I detest the stuff, as has happened in the past, I don't have to waste it. Especially at $7.59 a 6 pack.

Beer sampling is a risky bit of business. There have been more than a few times where I ended up with a six pack of something I didn't like. I am a big fan of sampler packs and cases, but it seems like many of the good breweries don't do them. I know that Sam Adams does them, as does Lakefront. I'd love to see New Glarus jump on the bandwagon.

Amen to that. As for the Naked, it's good, yet I ask myself, is it worthy of the same pricing of a Heineken or Beck's? I'll need to do more research.. ;-)

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