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Friday, March 03, 2006 

New Warrior, New Beyond Busch Light

As I eluded to in my review of Hofbrau Original, the new issue of The Warrior has hit the streets. Once again, The Warrior staff has gone above and beyond all expectations and produced a great issue. I picked up copies of the Marquette Tribune and The Warrior within about a minute of each other (while exiting Raynor Library, my home away from home). My copy of the Trib is already in the garbage can, but my copy of The Warrior is sitting next to me. Anyone who has read the two papers shouldn't be shocked by that though.

My first read in The Warrior is always Beyond Busch Light, Brandon Henak's beer column. The column is focusing on Mexican beers for those of you who are going on Spring Break. I'm not going anywhere; I'll be working here in Milwaukee (sucks to be me). Of the five beers that Brandon reviews, I'd like to highlight one: Negro Modelo. This is the unsung hero of Mexican beers. When people think of "Mexican beers", they think of Corona or Dos Equis. I'm not a fan of either of those. If I want a Mexican beer, I'm going with Negro Model. Brandon seemed to like it too...
Unlike the rest of the light, golden beers I sampled, my fourth beer, Negro Modelo was a dark ale. It has a smooth, mellow taste to it, much like a Newcastle, which makes sense considering both Newcastle "Brown Ale"; and Negro Modelo fit into the dark ale brewing category. Negro Modelo is definitely worth a try if you'’re a Newcastle fan.
It's not the light beer that you'd expect from a Mexican brew. If you like Newcastle, you'll like Negro Modelo. I haven't reviewed Newcastle because it's one of my all time favorites. I would just be showering praise on it for the entire review. It's the go-to beer when I want something tasty. Negro Modelo is its Mexican counterpart.

Negro Modelo is a full-bodied beer. It's got a reddish-brown color to it because of its German-style of brewing. There are hints of the chocolate along with the malty flavor. It may seem surprising, but Negro Modelo compliments Mexican food very well. Trust me, I live on the south side of Milwaukee. It's the perfect mate for a real Mexican meal. Also, I would suggest that you order your Negro Modelo with a lime. "A lime in a dark beer?" Yes, I'm serious. It works amazingly well. A Negro Modelo with lime and cochinita pibil is the perfect summer dinner.

I'll have to try it, as I love Newcastle. My first exposure to it was from a barrel, but, the bottled stuff is good as well. Would that were true with Guinness. I had it out of a barrel and nothing else compares.

Newcastle from the barrel can be a dangerous thing. I've had some horrible pints of Newcastle in my time. When it gets old (or when you buy it from a bar with dirty, unclean lines), it tastes absolutely horrible.

However, when you get a pour from a freshly tapped keg of Newcastle, there is nothing finer.

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