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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 


Yeah, that's going to go over well...

Maybe I need to write a second chapter in My Rules for Radicals focused on immigration protests. Obviously, these people need some public relations lessons.

Before she passed away, my grandmother on my mom's side lived in Chicago, and my dad's parents live in the city's southwest suburb of Oak Lawn. So I've been there on more than a few ocasions to visit the family.

Chicago is overrun with illegals from Mexico, and while the upside down second place American flag is new to some, I've seen it time and again. Only our flag is usually right side up.

Most of these people come here and they do not assimilate. They do not try to fit in. They want to turn the US into another Mexico, which is curious considering why they come here in the first place.

When our ancestors came over from Europe, they wanted to be Americans. They held onto their culture and tradition, but in a way that enriched America. Not in a way that harmed it.

But even the Europeans that come here today don't want to fit in. Ever been to Archer Ave. in Chicago?

At leat the Mexicans are usually pretty fiendly as long as they're not in a gang. The Europenans are just as rude a God ever made a human being. My grandmother's neighbors were Mexicans, legal of course, and they were the nicest people in the world. Not at all like these radical types.

There is a segment of the immigrant population that does not come here for the "American ideal". They come here to take advantage of all the economic opportunities and handouts that we give to them. Their true loyalties lie with some other nation.

I'm eager to see how widely this picture gets covered. It's already being spread widely on blogs, so the mainstream media probably won't be able to totally ignore it. This is the kind of picture that really affects people. There's something about a visual, an image, that has an impact. I don't think that ordinary people will stand for this.

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