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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Beer Review: Leinenkugel's X

You might be wondering about the title. This evening, I got to sample a brand new beer from Leinenkugel's. This is one of the perks of knowing a guy who knows a guy. I don't even know what this beer variety is called exactly. It's "Sun"-something, I think. Even my source didn't know the exact name. It was in a plain bottle with a simple black and white "free sample" label. The beer has a great yellow-gold color. It looks similar to a New Glarus Spotted Cow but brighter. The flavor is very interesting and unique. It tastes like a wheat beer but also has a lot of fruit flavor. It's not a bad fruit flavor either. Normally, fruity beers are overly sweet and taste fake to me. They also give you gut-rot from all of the sugar. This beer maintained an excellent balance. It was fruity, but the flavor fit perfectly.

The flavor had an overall citrusy flavor but there were hints of other fruits too, possibly pear or apple. It was a mystery. Honestly, my palate has never had such a hard time figuring out a beer. It wasn't overly light. It felt like you were drinking a real beer. However, it wasn't too heavy. By the time that I finished my bottle, I was still trying to place the flavors and categorize them. No such luck.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Leinenkugel's variety in the future. This seems like a Summer beer to me. It's refreshing and easy to drink. I would expect it sometime in May.

EDIT: This beer is called Sunset Wheat.

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