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Friday, March 31, 2006 

Beer Review: Delirium Tremens

Ah, Belgian beer. You are truly a harsh mistress. Delirium Tremens is a fairly popular Belgian beer. You'll be able to find it in bottles at better liquor stores and very good import bars. Its name comes from the medical term more commonly known as the DT's or the shakes. Delirium Tremens, the beer, is a Belgian pale ale. It's got a clear, golden hue to it. The aroma is pretty nice. It's got the predictable citrus smell with hints of addition fruits (apple?) and yeasts. It's quite aromatic. The flavors are a nice blend of citrus (with a blend of the typical orange flavor and a surprising grapefruit flavor) and yeast. It's got both fruitiness and body, which makes for a fulfilling combination. It's light on the tongue and fairly crisp. It's not incredibly complex, but it's tasty and easy enough to drink to keep you sipping it steadily. This is a sneaky beer though. The light taste masks the fact that it is 9% alcohol. Tread lightly on these grounds. This is a beer with teeth, even if you don't feel them until they've got ahold of you (which is why you should read my beer reviews).

I have to agree with your beer review (finally). I was introduced to Delirium about 7 months ago at Von Trier, on North Ave in Milwaukee. You pretty much nailed the description right on.

The only qualifier I have, is that the beer is a 1 beer, beer, at most. While the taste does mask the 9% ABV, the sweet taste is just a little too sweet to have more than .5L. I do, however, suggest this beer if you are going out with a female, as she will not be offended by the taste or smell of the beer.

You agree with my review?!

It really must be April Fool's Day.

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