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Monday, December 12, 2005 

Moving the Supreme Court

Concurring Opinions has a post about some of the plans to redesign the National Mall in Washington, DC. One of the plans would include a new Supreme Court building in East Potomac Park, near the Jefferson Memorial. Dan Solove of Concurring Opinions isn't thrilled about this, and neither am I. In spite of the occasionally falling chunk of rock, the Supreme Court building is incredible. Even before I got into this law thing, I loved that building. It's tucked behind the Capitol, not really on display, but I think that fits the Court well. I don't think that the current Justices want to be the center of attention, sitting on their own island. Justice Island is a cool name though...

wow, up till 4AM doing posts on ED! Shouldn't you be working on your Environmental Law exam? At least this one had a good 'hook' and I do like Justice Island.

Thank you for granted me the title of most pissed off about Kelo. I appreciate that. I did edit my last post that excluded Thomas, go check out the 'reasoning' - it is right in the article prior to my disclaimer.

My sleep schedule has been WAY out of whack since finishing my Ethics exam.

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