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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Get Off Your Butts

An article in The Hill discusses the lack of support from Senate Republicans for Judge Alito. They are simply not doing anything to defend him for the organized attacks from the Senate Democrats and the interest groups. Senator Cornyn seems to be the only one doing any real heavy lifting.
Although Cornyn has issued regular press releases challenging liberal charges and Specter has defended Alito for failing to recuse himself from a case involving an investment firm to which he was connected, other Republicans have been mostly silent.

"Why only Cornyn?"” asked a strategist for a conservative group allied with the White House in the court fight. "[The others] are back in their home states taking time off."”
This is why I can't stand most of the Senate Republicans. This is an important moment. Some would say that besides going to war, presidential nominations to the Supreme Court are the most important decisions that they can make. Judge Alito's impact on the Court and the country will last for decades. Yet the Senate Republicans are sitting back while Alito's record is distorted day after day in the press. All it takes are a few of the more spineless Senate Republicans to get cold feet and Alito will be filibustered. So how about we get off our butts and do our freaking jobs for once, so I can get my friggin Supreme Court. Dammit.

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