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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

Rubbing Elbows with the Legal Elite

I recently made a somewhat bitter post about being shut out of the Federalist Society Rehnquist Court discussion. Being the resourceful young man that I am, I found a way into the event. The event has garnered so much interest that the Federalist Society put out a call for volunteers to help run things. I jumped at the chance. I'll be helping with the check in and a few other things, but I get to see all of the speakers. The volunteer solicitation said that we would have "a better chance of meeting Justice Scalia, Ted Olson, or Paul Clement." I'm pretty pumped up for this.

you resourceful sob. now quit yer whining . . .

I reserve the right to whine. It's in the Bill of Rights, I think. Somewhere near the end.

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